HGH Increases Sexual Performance

HGH Increases Sexual Performance

Sex and sexual performance is an integral part of life, and essential for any species to sustain itself. In addition, sexual functions play several other important roles in our lives, which include: reducing stress, making us look more youthful, etc. Sexual function for males is defined as the ability to achieve and maintain an erection and to produce adequate amounts of fertile semen, while in females, it is defined as an increased sexual desire, increase in orgasm frequency and the ability to produce adequate quantity of lubricant.

How does HGH help enhance Sexual Performance?

Sexual performance and function tend to reduce as life progress. Sexual function peaks during puberty and gradually reduces as we age. There is a direct correlation between Human Growth Hormone levels and sexual functions. Although, this interpretation was not based on any clinical study, Dr. Kultz emphasizes that individuals deficient in the Growth Hormone, due to pituitary disease or trauma, have decreased libido and sexual function. Furthermore, treatment of such individuals with HGH replacement therapy has demonstrated an enhanced sexual drive.

Clinical Research proves the benefit of HGH to boost Sexual Performance and to Increase Libido

The path breaking research study conducted by Dr Daniel Rudman, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, in the late 1990s, clearly stated that, the use of HGH injections in elderly men, in the age group of 65 to 81 years, significantly enhanced the sexual performance. The study was conducted for a period of six months on a small group of about 25 individuals. However, the validity of this study was questioned by many, since, the study group was fairly small in size.

Then again, the Nottingham Health Profile Report, commonly known as the Palm Springs Study, pointed out the potential benefits of Human Growth Hormone in the improvement of sexual functions. The study was conducted on a larger group of 302 participants. Though, the study was not exclusively focused on evaluating the benefits of the Growth Hormone on sexual function, the findings were overwhelming. The study showed an improvement in sexual potency and frequency (observed in 75 % of the participants), increase in the duration of penile erection (observed in 62 % of the participants), reduction in the hot flushes amongst menopausal females (observed in 58 % of the participants) and an improved and regulated menstrual cycle in 39 % of the participants.

HGH supplements promote Sexual Abilities

For most men, sexual functions drop gradually, and by the age of 65 years, 75 % of all males have lost their sexual ability. On the other hand, sexual function in women declines after menopause. The Human Growth Hormone is known to increase the sexual functions, as it increases the levels of energy, enhances mental concentration and improves the quality of sleep. All these factors help create an overall sense of wellbeing, and enhances confidence and youthful vigor among individuals.

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