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Some of you may have heard about ZERONA and want to know more. ZERONA is a clinically proven FDA cleared cold laser treatment that safely penetrates the skin causing the release of unwanted fat from your hips, waist, and thighs. The released fat is naturally passed through the lymphatic system without negatively affecting cholesterol or triglyceride levels.
Losing inches of fat from your hips, waist, and thighs could take months through diet and exercise. Now with ZERONA results can be seen in as little as two weeks with no pain, no surgery, and no recovery time.

FDA Cleared Device

ZERONA is a well-researched and safe low-level laser for body contouring of the waist, hips, and thighs.
The ZERONA device has been proven through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo-controlled clinical study in which patients, on average, lost 3.52 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs. These results were dramatic compared to the placebo group, which only lost an average of half an inch over the same time period.
In clinical use, because licensed experts are able to advise patients on a protocol to achieve better results that include staying hydrated and lymphatic movement, many ZERONA patients are experiencing losses greater than what was reported in the clinical trials. With real results that support our clinical research, we are proud to be the only company to share the results from the FDA study.

Additional Information: What You Need To Know

How does it work?

During the treatment, ZERONA uses low-level (cold) laser technology to painlessly melt fat within the fat cells. The fat is released through a pore in the cell and is then processed naturally through the lymphatic system.

Is it safe?

Yes, the FDA cleared ZERONA as both a safe and an effective way to reduce unwanted fat and inches off your hips, waist, and thighs.

What results can I expect?

In just 2 weeks, you can expect a contoured waist, hips and thighs after six, 40 minute treatments (20 minutes on the front and 20 minutes on the back). ZERONA does not require an extensive time commitment. Each treatment lasts only 40 minutes. A suggested treatment schedule is: Mon – Wed – Fri or Tues – Thurs – Sat visits, for a total of six treatments over two weeks. (For maximum results patients should not wait more than three days between treatments.)

ZERONA Protocol

In order to achieve optimal results, we have developed a protocol to follow, which includes:
• Stay hydrated (individually required water consumption*)
• Take CURVA™ therapy
*Each patient’s water intake requirement is different because of their weight. We recommended drinking half the body weight in ounces of water.
These results are not experienced by all patients. In clinical studies, 62.8% of study volunteers treated with the ZERONA low-level laser system experienced a loss of at least 3 inches from the waist, hips, and thighs combined over a two week treatment period.


ZERONA Results – Before and After
Physicians worldwide are using ZERONA and have performed over 1,000,000 treatments, it’s no wonder people are all the rave. Join the thousands who have transformed their bodies with the ZERONA non-invasive body contouring laser.

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