Women’s Intimacy Cream

Woman’s Intimacy Cream does for women what the “blue pill” does for men. Finally, women have the same option to increase their enjoyment of sex through the use of a science-based product, which actually works. Research confirms that a woman has a more powerful and pleasurable orgasm than a man ever could, and that all women under the right circumstances, are capable of achieving multiple orgasms. Woman’s Intimacy Cream can help increase libido, sex drive and also assist in achieving powerful, multiple orgasms on a consistent basis by decreasing discomfort of vaginal dryness.

Many women have the displeasure of experiencing painful sex due to vaginal dryness.  This condition is very common and is caused by reduced lubrication.  Many things can affect vagina dryness from, hormones, illness, and stress, to name a few.  Intimacy with a dry vaginal is not only painful but un-enjoyable.  This is a problem that can affect your relationship, as your partner may think that you are not aroused by them.

Some women also find that they are not enjoying sex due to the lost of elasticity in the vagina.  Lack of vagina elasticity can be due to certain circumstances like hormones, aging, and childbirth.  Sex is not enjoyable if you’re not experiencing much pleasure.  Your partner may think that they are not satisfying you.  However Intamacy Cream is a powerful cream that helps in all of these problems.

Countless thousands of women, between the ages of 18 and 80, do not even know what an orgasm is, or how it is achieved. Whether you are multi-orgasmic or are among the 46% of women who are sexually frustrated, every woman who desires maximum sexual fulfillment, greater intimacy, and enhanced relationships stands to benefit from regular use of Woman’s Intimacy Cream.

  • Great for menopausal women who experience vaginal dryness
  • Applied directly to the vagina and external genitalia
  • Similar PH level to the normal vaginal environment
  • Restores and maintains the benefits of vaginal health
  • Not flavored or colored so it won’t trigger an allergic reaction
  • Water-based lubricant, not sticky like many gel-based lubricants.

Woman’s Intimacy Cream is the premier clitoral stimulation enhancer, and is a safe, gentle agent to re-ignite the desire, excitement and sexual response that makes sex wonderful and rewarding.

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